Defining your needs and building a value added service to meet objectives.

Truleinzes Corporation, Inc .offers financial, investment, accounting, environmental, compliance/ regulatory and legal counseling experts, as well as tailored solutions to corporations, governments and non for profit organizations. The goal is to deliver value added service in a top quality professional manner with a special emphasis and expertise in emerging markets and Africa.

International Trade & Commerce
Services that extend beyond merely facilitating partnerships.
Truleinzes’s international trade services provide customs-specific tools and skills in developing a solid understanding of the trade issues that may impact your business. We provide international trade practices and identify opportunities and risks in compliance consulting, tariff consulting and trade consulting.

We strive to facilitate the integration of African economies into the world trading system and promoting the advantages of unilateral, bilateral and multilateral agreements as well as tapping into the huge cost effective and buoyant Chinese market for various goods and services to fuel development.

  • Expert Team Selection
  • Organization Building
  • Project Design
  • Implementation
  • Co-Management
  • Change Management
  • Support Services
  • Project Transfer
  • Sustainability

Marketing & Development
Developed robust structures to achieve strategic goals and objectives.
At Truleinzes we understand that international market entry decisions are complex and dynamic, entailing a continuum of varying levels of involvement in foreign target countries, from entry through market penetration over time. Our professionals have developed robust structures to ensure that clients achieve their strategic goals and objectives over time.

  • Market Analysis Reports
  • Back-End Support
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Network Deployment
  • Regulatory Support

Financing & Capital
Extensive finance sourcing for developmental projects.
Truleinzes through its network of financial institutions and partners offers the needed capital and funding for various projects to African governments and corporations and could arrange to secure the loans through government sovereign guarantees and the cash generation ability of the respective projects financed. Truleinzes and our team of affiliates have resources to provide clients with specially tailored or full-blown turnkey solutions on BOD or BOO basis.

  • Capital Network
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Project Financing
  • Turn-key Solutions

Lobbying Services
Representation of Foreign Governments and Corporations in the United States of America.
Truleinzes Corporation equally specializes in political consulting and seeks to represent African countries in the United States. Our role here is to serve as a lobby for African governments as well as their corporations by raising visibility and recognition for them with U.S. Government Institutions and Officials. In particular, we shall help interpret US Policy trends to African governments and capture African government participation in key institutions and programs:

  • World Bank
  • IMF Financing
  • Millennium Challenge (MCC)
  • DFC
  • US EXIM Bank

Consulting Services
Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services.
Our mission is to provide top-quality legal, business, compliance management and corporate consulting and advisory services, under independence and integrity/ethical standards to our clients. Our team is composed of lawyers, accountants/auditors, environmentalists, international trade experts and compliance consultants amongst others. On this “multidisciplinary” platform we work as a team gathering information and business intelligence with the view of providing customized integral solutions to our clientele.

    • Financing Strategies
    • Business Structuring
    • Special Regimes
    • Legal Counseling
    • Accounting & Auditing
    • Risk Assessment
    • Corporate Responsibility
    • International Sourcing
    • Exporting Strategies
    • International Trade
    • AML Compliance
    • AML Certification
    • Designing ERM Systems
    • Governance & Compliance
    • Incorporations
    • Contracts
    • Due Diligence
    • Labor Laws Counseling

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
Fostering Sino-American Ventures with Global Institutions.
With a particular emphasis on African and Emerging Market Institutions by the way of Government and business, Truleinzes has an extensive network of top and seasoned professionals around the globe with in-depth knowledge and a firm understanding of the African market place. Truleinzes presents positive outcomes for all parties involved. Our strength as a committed team of professionals yields win-win solutions for stakeholders. We are also professional movers of household and personal property across the USA.


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